Welcome to the first annual report for the National Cancer Audit Collaborating Centre (NATCAN).


Since the 1st October 2022, we have been building the foundation for the National Cancer Audit Collaborating Centre (NATCAN), the home of the ten national cancer audits in England and Wales.

This report highlights the progress we have made during the first year in establishing ‘new audits’ in kidney, ovarian, pancreatic, primary and metastatic breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma which will be produced to the same high standard as the ‘existing audits’ in bowel, oesophago-gastric, prostate and lung cancer. Bringing the national cancer auidts together in one place, with collaboration at its heart, enables us to share best practice and clinical excellence as part of our overall ambition to improve the care and outcomes for patients.

Read NATCAN’s first Annual report

Last updated: 5 December 2023, 3:53pm