National Audit of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Welcome to the National Audit of Metastatic Breast Cancer (NAoMe).

The NAoMe aims to report on all patients diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC; also known as secondary, advanced or stage 4 breast cancer) in NHS hospitals in England and Wales. This builds on the work of the National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients (NABCOP) and for the first time will include women and men of all ages, with metastatic disease diagnosed at presentation, as well as those with recurrent metastatic disease.

One of the challenges the audit will face is in identifying those patients with recurrent metastatic breast cancer; previous work from the NABCOP found that although these data are part of routine data collection in both England and Wales, they are often poorly recorded. Focus will therefore firstly be on improving the completeness of key data items, including recording of cancer recurrence, to ensure all patients living with MBC are counted. Initial priorities of the audit will be establishing the baseline from which change in practice and outcomes can be measured and defining a range of outcomes that are important for patients and feasible to measure using national routine data. From this we can look to reduce variation in practice and improve aspects of care and outcomes highlighted as important within the scoping work.

As the audit establishes itself and reporting begins, it will look at specific groups of patients known to have the most difficult problems. One of the audit clinical co-leads David Dodwell, says this includes patients at each end of the age range – younger and much older patients. It may also include patients with triple negative breast cancer, and those with brain metastases who are difficult to treat and have a poor outlook. You can hear more of David’s thoughts in the video below.

David Dodwell, Clinical Lead (Oncology), National Audit of Metastatic Breast Cancer

The audit has strong links with professional and patient stakeholder groups, which it engages with on a regular basis to ensure it remains relevant to the needs of the metastatic breast cancer community. We are determined to make sure that what we do is relevant to people suffering from this disease.

Delyth Morgan, CEO, Breast Cancer Now

We aim to improve care for people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and to help them wherever possible to live longer and healthier lives.

The clinical leads on NaoMe, who will guide this process, are as follows:

  • Dr David Dodwell, Clinical Lead (Clinical Oncology)
  • Dr Mark Verrill, Clinical Lead (Medical Oncology)
  • Professor Kieran Horgan, Clinical Lead (Surgery)

The first results from the audit will start to become available in 2024; we will keep everyone informed as fully as possible and update this page as more information becomes available.

See the NATCAN FAQs for any questions relating to how the audit will run and the data it will use.

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