National Ovarian Cancer Audit

Welcome to the National Ovarian Cancer Audit (NOCA).

More than 7,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, but we know that outcomes vary considerably across the country.

This new audit, drawing on the work of a feasibility pilot audit which began in 2019, will produce granular information on diagnosis, treatment and surgery, to allow us to assess how we can improve care in England and Wales, and create better results.

One of the clinical co-leads on the audit, Sudha Sundar, is confident that this analysis of new data, on a national scale, will help the ovarian cancer community produce better care for patients. You can hear more of her thoughts here:

Sudha Sundar, Clinical Lead (Surgery), National Ovarian Cancer Audit

We hope to be able to put the first set of data into the public domain in September 2024. The aim is that patients should be able to see how well their local cancer centre is doing compared to national metrics.

Once problems are identified, specific goals will be set, under the auspices of NATCAN, to  help improve care, and ensure that our patients live longer, healthier lives wherever possible.

Alongside clinical professionals, the audit process will feature active participation from charities, ensuring the patient voice and experience is at the forefront of the audit’s work.

Helen Dickens, Deputy Chief Executive, Target Ovarian Cancer

The clinical leads for NOCA are as follows:

  • Professor Sudha Sundar, Clinical Lead (Surgery), representing the British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS).
  • Dr Agnieszka Michael, Clinical Lead (Medical Oncology), representing BGCS.

This page will be updated whenever more information becomes available, and we intend to keep everyone informed as fully as possible.

Want to find out more? Reach out to us via email.

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